Rio Grande LNG, LLC (Next Decade LLC)

About Rio Grande LNG, LLC (Next Decade LLC)

Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminal
Next Decade LLC is a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas export facility, to be located on the northern shore of the Brownsville Shipping Channel, 3 miles east of Port Isabel. To meet global demand for clean, sustainable energy, NextDecade is developing Rio Grande LNG in the Port of Brownsville, Texas. By combining emissions reduction associated with our carbon capture and storage project, responsibly sourced gas, and our pledge to use net-zero electricity, Rio Grande LNG is expected to produce the greenest LNG in the world. Situated on a 984-acre site on the banks of an uncongested deepwater channel, Rio Grande LNG is the largest privately funded infrastructure project in the State of Texas. At full scale, Rio Grande LNG will be capable of producing 27 million metric tonnes of clean LNG for export to markets around the world. This amount of energy is enough to meet the annual heating requirements of nearly 20 million households, the equivalent of the total number of households in New York and California combined. Rio Grande LNG is the FIRST AND ONLY U.S. LNG project offering CO2 emissions reduction of more than 90 percent via carbon capture and storage – capturing and permanently storing more than 5 million metric tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to removing more than one million vehicles from the road annually.